Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this project approved?

    Yes, in June 2017, the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks approved the Environmental Assessment. The Minister made this decision after considering the comments raised by stakeholders, the project documentation and the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act.

    The County must implement the project as set out in the Environmental Study Report, including implementing the mitigation measures and commitments for future consultation. The Minister also imposed a series of conditions on the project, including that the County consult stakeholders on the integration of cycling lanes into the design of the bridge.

    When will the new bridge be built?

    A schedule for construction has not been determined yet. The draft detailed design was completed in early 2023. Following a public information session in the spring of 2023, detailed design will continue until late 2023. In late 2024, a construction contract will be prepared.

    Will I be notified about consultation opportunities?

    Yes! Please sign up for the project newsletter to receive notifications about public information sessions and other opportunities to get involved. Please continue to visit this website for project updates and new documents related to the project.